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Striving for Excellence

Tèarmannair German Shepherds

Striving for Excellence

Tèarmannair is a small ANKC Registered kennel dedicated to breeding quality German Shepherd Dogs (GSD) in the NSW Riverina, Australia.

GSDs a large-sized breed known for their courage, loyalty and guarding instincts. They were originally bred as a herding dog, for herding sheep. They have since been used in many other types of work, including disability assistance, search-and-rescue, police work and warfare. They are commonly kept as a companion dogs, and according to the Fédération Cynologique Internationale had the second-highest number of annual registrations in 2013.

GSDs can be a loyal, intelligent and adaptable dog that when socialised and trained well can be a rewarding and loving family member.
From time-to-time Tèarmannair Kennels have puppies available.


Tèarmannair Kennels are proud to annouce the arrival of Freyja & Hades litter on 26/06/2022.

10 beautiful sable puppies


"Tèarmannair, watchers and protectors"
DNA Screening

Full Breed Profiles

All breeding stock have undergone Orivet‘s Full Breed Profiles, which are breed specific genetic screens for diseases & traits.

Hips & Elbows


All breeding stock have had their ANKC Canine Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Scoring

Dogs NSW Member


Please contact Dogs NSW via email info@dogsnsw.org.au to verify my membership.

Call: +61 456 822 091
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