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Please provide your details together with information about yourself, your family, home and lifestyle you can offer a one of our beautiful Tèarmannair puppies by:

Expected Due Date: July 2, 2024

We ONLY have a limited number of puppies left available. This mating may produce a combination of SABLES and/or BLACK & both TAN and Stock Coats (SC) and Long Stock Coats (LSC).

The above images are that of  Freyja’s litter in 2022.

The Form

Please take the time to complete the below Expression of Interest (EOI) Form for Metro x Freya’s 2024 litter. Shortly after submission, Tèarmannair will contact you by telephone to confirm and discuss your EOI and if successful Tèarmannair will send you a personalised link providing the following:

  1. Information on what to expect from Tèarmannair and one of it’s puppies (pricing, deposit and payment, health guarantees, transport/collection and inclusions),
  2. Specific information to assist you to understand our process, terms and conditions when purchasing a Tèarmannair puppy, and
  3. An invitation to formally accept these processes, terms and conditions to secure your puppy,
Companionship, family pet, sporting, etc
What particular traits drew you to choose a GSD?
GSDs are an active intelligent breed, they are a working dog. GSDs need to be trained otherwise can become unruly. They require frequent socialisation to people, other dogs, cats, young children, loud noise, crowds and the world in general. They also require regular exercising and play time.
Although children and dogs can be a fantastic combination, young children need to be aware of how gentle to be around the new puppy and what is expected of them.
If the answer is yes, then perhaps a hypoallergenic breed may suit better suit your needs.
The GSD sheds heavily year-round, and “blows” its undercoat (the thick, dense fur under the harsh top coat) twice a year requiring regular grooming which not only keeps your dog and home clean but allows the you to check them for any new lumps or bumps or anything that may need treatment. It is also time to bond with your dog.
A GSD must be taught manners in the house and with guests, children and the elderly; he must not be allowed to roam free or intimidate passers-by. While GSDs are relatively easy to train, they can respond best and will achieve more with positive reinforcement training rather than training that employs harsh methods, choke or shock collars.
Being with your GSD is completely different than playing with your GSD. Walking your GSD may not seem exciting to do every day, however it is a necessity. They need to be continuously stimulated regardless of the weather and your motivation levels.
Keep in mind that the average cost of ownership of any German Shepherd Dog for a year is $1,600 – $2,000.

Thank you!

Once again Tèarmannair would like to say a BIG thank you for take time to read through the various information provided and in completing the above Expression of Interest Form. We appreciate you talking valuable time out of your busy day and are certain that you understand that we at Tèarmannair are very selective about the ‘forever’ homes our puppies go to and have specific selection process that needs to be met for approval.

DISCLAIMER: Tèarmannair reserves the right to refuse at any time or times to sell any of its puppies/dogs for any reason deemed adequate by it without providing an explanation.

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