Waiting List Invitation

Tataben Hades x Gipfel FREYJA BURTON- May 2023

Dear _____,

You have been directed to this page it is because we were impressed by your Expression of Interest form in which you provided your details, information about yourself, your family and home as well as the lifestyle you can offer a Tèarmannair puppy. We would now like to take this opportunity to invite you to join our waiting list for this exciting up and coming litter:

Expected due date: May 10, 2023

We expect a combination of sable and/or black/tan puppies with a possibility of both Stock Coats (SC) and Long Stock Coats (LSC) as well. In 2022 this mating produced SABLES only and both SC and LSC puppies.

CLICK HERE to see previous litter images and information. 

What to Expect from Tearmannair

Health Guarantee

At Tèarmannair Kennels we strive for excellence therefore each mating is the culmination of research and consideration in regards to improving ours lines. When we breed our animals consideration is taken in how we can improve form,  function and temperament of our breeding lines. Our breeding stock are all DNA screened for known issues within the breed, guaranteeing that we never produce pups that are “affected“. We keep the best prospect of the litter to enrich our lines with the remainder of the puppies offered as pets to suitable homes. 

Puppy Packs

Puppies come with a Puppy Pack containing:

  • Certified Pedigree (Dogs NSW)
  • Microchipped using a “mini microchip” and placed on the NSW Companion Animals Register and Australasian Animal Registry (AAR)
  • Medical records to-date, including vaccinations, deworming, and when the next vet visit is due
  • Copy of Breeder’s contract
  • Documentation with information on development, training, nutrition, Dogs NSW information, and safety for the puppy.
  • Voucher for 1 x  FREE bag of puppy Royal Canin food to be sent to new owner, as well as 2 x 25% Discount vouchers.
  • Assorted goodies
  • Lifetime support via the Tèarmannair Facebook Group (designed for owners/potential owners of Tèarmannair German Shepherds to ask questions, obtain support or simply engage with others on the antics of their Tèarmannair furkids), phone, text and email.

Understanding and agreeing to the process, terms and conditions of a Tèarmannair Puppy Sales Agreement

Adding a puppy as a new member to the family is an exciting time and requires a great deal of consideration, research and planning. If you have decided on a Tèarmannair GSD and have completed our Expression of Interest, the next step is to understand the process, terms and conditions of purchasing a Tèarmannair puppy.

At Tèarmannair we want you to have the best experience in the process of purchasing your puppy with clear communications and expectations of the process and what to expect.  Therefore, we have a clear step-by-step process that we adhere to, thus avoiding any unnecessary misunderstandings or disappointment by either party.

Therefore we request that you carefully read through and if agreeable to Tèarmannair’s processes, terms and condition of sale, submit the below form to be placed on the Tèarmannair Waiting List.

  • Within 48 hours of receipt of Waiting List Application   Tèarmannair will contact you via SMS providing payment information.
  • Within 48 hours of receipt of Waiting List Fee, Tèarmannair will issue and email your Waiting List confirmation and a receipt to the email address provided IN THIS FORM.


Tèarmannair can arrange transportation nationwide by air ex Canberra or by road in NSW and VIC.

Please contact for US a quote.

All transportation costs are at the buyers expense and is not inclusive of the SALE PRICE of the puppy as quoted here.

• An Expression of Interest Form (EOI) must be completed.

• If accepted by Tearmannair Kennels (the SELLER), the potential puppy owner (the BUYER) will be provided with a final asking price based on EOI preferences and if agreed, required to pay a $100.00 NON-REFUNDABLE fee to be placed on the waiting list for litter by Tataben Hades “Hades” x Gipfel Freyja Burton “Freyja” due in May 2023.

• The SELLER will provide banking details for direct deposit to the BUYER via SMS only.
Birth - Preference Confirmation and Puppy Reservation

• Based on EOI form preferences the SELLER will confirm gender and colour availability with Waiting List candidates in order of their placement on the list.

• In the event that puppy preference cannot be met (e.g. preference of a male puppy specified on EOI form and NO male puppies available/whelped), the BUYER will be offered a full refund of the $100.00 Waiting List fee or offered the opportunity to remain on the Waiting List for NEXT available litter.

• If puppy preference IS available (please note that coat type cannot be determined at this stage) a further $400.00 NON-REFUNDABLE via direct deposit is required to secure a puppy.
Final Puppy Selection, Puppy Collection Appointments or Transportation Arrangements Finalised, Official Puppy Sales Agreement to be completed AND 50% of total puppy purchase price to be paid.

• Puppies will be vaccinated, vet checked, and coat type confirmed (Stock Coat or Long Stock Coat) – if coat preference unavailable the BUYER will be offered a FULL refund of the $500.00 Waiting List/Reservation fees or offered the opportunity to remain on the Waiting List for NEXT available litter and a refund of Reservation Fee of $400.00 offered.

• Based on order of placement on waiting list, the BUYER will be offered a puppy or required to select a puppy (if more than one puppy meets their preferences). Puppy selection is to be completed in person or via video call using Facebook Messenger (for those interstate or unable to attend in person) appointment in order of placement on Waiting List.

• On final selection of puppy, the BUYER is required to pay a further instalment of 50% of total puppy purchase price via direct deposit.

• Collection appointments or transportation arrangements to be made at this time.

• Official Puppy Sales Agreement to be completed and signed by both BUYER and SELLER.

• The SELLER can arrange transport nationwide by air ex Canberra or by road in NSW/VIC at BUYER expense. This is to be arranged when final selection of puppy has been made at 6 weeks of age.

• Puppies will be transported to the BUYER where possible between 8-9 weeks of age dependent on transport availability.

• Final payment for puppy and all transportation costs to be paid no later than 72 hours prior to departure date/time via direct deposit.

• The BUYER to collect their puppy between the age of 8-9 weeks by appointment.

• Final payment to be made by the BUYER via direct bank deposit or in cash prior to or on the day of collection (please note that mobile reception is very poor at the Kennels).

• BUYER is required to ensure that they have equipment to transport their new puppy home such as an appropriate sized travel crate/seat belt harness (see https://thehub.nrma.com.au/lifestyle/make-travelling-your-pet-treat ) for more information on travelling safely with your new puppy.
Dogs NSW Member 2100037115

Please contact Dogs NSW via email info@dogsnsw.org.au to verify my membership.

Call: +61 456 822 091
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